Large Orders of Sweet Cherry Variety’s

Large Orders of Sweet Cherry Variety’s


These are bulk tree orders from anywhere from 20 to 500 trees.

Available on backorder

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If your looking for bulk Sweet Cherry Trees, look no further. Sweet Cherries should be ordered at least 1 year ahead of time. If your interested in even 20 or more please select this option and email us so we can get your order on the books. These trees are bare root whips, they come in during the middle of April.  They must be planted right away, and we suggest soaking the roots in a custom transplant solution that we recommend for a hours up to overnight before transplanting. We suggest having the holes pre dug and irrigation already in place before you plant your trees. If you need help planning your orchard big or small contact us today for all the tips and tricks of the trade. Especially if you need help from one of our friends in the industry that have been plating orchards for over 40 years, we are happy to connect you with local contractors that have the experience.

Variety’s commonly available are  Lapin, Lambert, Bing, Sweetheart, Chelan, Skeena, and more available. Don’t forget to learn about which root stock you would like your trees grown on.

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