Thank you all to my new and returning customers, this year, 2022,  finding fruit trees has been quite successful. Please remember if you’d like a specific fruit/shrub/cane please call us direct. There is plenty of plants to be found and planted to enjoy this year. However, I’m whittling down my inventory, until next April 2023.

We are currently taking tree orders for the 2023 & 2024 Season.

On order for inventory Cherries will be: Lapin , Sweetheart , Rainier, White Gold, Skeena all on Mazzard Rootstock.

On order for inventory for Apples will be: Granny Smith, Honey Crips, and maybe Red Fuji.

Please pre-order to guarantee your trees today. Deposits will be requested in February 2023.

Montana Orchard Services

Polson MT 59860

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