Thank you all to my new and returning customers! For this year, 2024,  finding fruit trees has been quite successful. Please remember if you’d like a specific fruit/shrub/cane please call us direct.

We are currently taking tree orders for the 2025 & 2026 Season.

2024 Incoming Fruit Inventory is as follows:

 Sweet Cherries will be: Lapin , Sweetheart, Skeena, and Rainier all on Mazzard Rootstock. Early Robin will be on Gisela 6.

***We are all sold out on cherries EXCEPT FOR: Skeena, Sweetheart & Early Robin***

***Please remember to pre-order, as extra trees are limited***

Tart Cherries on order: Evans Bali

 Apples: Granny Smith, Honey Crips, and Red Fuji.

Peaches: Early Elberta & Reliance

Berries & Canes: Multiple

Please pre-order to guarantee your trees today. Deposits will be required in December 2023. Unfortunately we ran into a snag in 2023, so I will need deposits in December or your order will be canceled.

Thank you!


Inventory has been updated 3/12/24 check out all of our berries for 2024. Inventory will become available for pick up or delivery May 1st 2024.  Items listed on back order may be available for special order only, please contact us with inquires.