Montana Orchard Services offers crop consulting to anyone and everyone. We cover back yard fruit and vegetable but specialize in sweet cherry and orchard management. We are able to serve our clients in a wide variety of ways. We can help you plan for planting, selecting and the sourcing of the varieties you choose, We want to ensure to provide adequate pollination of varieties and keep your production goals and dreams at the fore front.

We also assist in the next stages in the production process by teaching growers how to care for their trees, this can include learning how to spray, identify pests and to push for plant health, production and to increase flavor of the fruit. Scouting events I have to say is our 2nd most popular consulting item. This way I can guide you through what we’re looking at and what we find.

The rest comes with time!

We do source quite an array of crop protection and production products, however most homeowners can utilize the off the shelf products found at their local hardware store. As we enter an age where traditional synthetic chemicals are taboo, we can help guide you through the think and thin of it. As for supplies, there are a few products that are hard to find that we keep on hand, like netting, vinyl tree wraps, and branch trainers.

We stock a few fruit trees in the spring along with some berries, canes, and others at the beginning of the year, go check out our shopping page to see all of our products. It is best to give us a call and pre-order to get them while supplies last.

If you have any questions on the services or products we offer, please give us a call today!