Montana Orchard Services was founded in 2020 by Owner/Operator Desirae Knapp. She was born and raised on a small 5th generation family farm in central Montana. Desirae started her first Agronomy job, before graduating college, and before knowing what ‘Agronomy’ meant.  She worked at her local co-op for 2 years before deciding to make it here career by move to Polson Montana.

Desirae was an Agronomist for Westland Seed Inc. based in Ronan for just over 5 years. That is where the passion for sweet cherries started. Working with orchard owners is not like working with your typical large operation farmer. Fruit growers seem to be a breed of their own.

It was working with this smaller niche group that Desirae saw a need for specific services for not only orchard owners, but back yard growers as well. It all started by offering GAP services to commercial cherry growers on the Flathead Lake. Then, in 2021, Desirae took the leap to continue her dream to become the one-stop-shop for fruit growers.

With Montana Orchard Services, she now offers services and products to this niche group. Of course this extends to vineyards, gardeners and vegetable growers as well.  These services range from finding fruit trees including berry’s and vines, to arranging  planting/pruning/harvest, organizing custom spraying, custom spray and fertilizer plans, and  in-field Agronomy Services including orchard management, and disease/insect identification. We have even starting to venture in the retail sale of fruit. While this business is just getting off of the ground in 2022 and operating online and on-farm only, it keeps her quite busy.

Desirae knows and understand the importance of growers finding good quality help, education, and someone that has local experience. So, if your just staring to think about growing a few trees in your back yard, or have a large operation in Western Montana, were here to help you in any areas you may need. This company’s goal is to help grow good quality Montana Fruit.


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