Category: Local Orchards

Here you will find quite a few of the local orchards and their details. If your looking for a specific variety or products here is where you will find them. Please scroll through all the orchards to see just how much is available here in Western Montana based around Flathead Lake and beyond!

Knapping Moose Orchards

  Knapping Moose Orchards comprise of a few Orchards around the Flathead Lake. One on the east shore in Yellow Bay and one near Dayton, MT formerly Known as the Tussler Orchard. Both orchards grow Lapin, Lambert, Rainier, Big, and Skeena Sweet Cherries as well as Tart Cherries, Apples, and in a few years hopefully

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Sound To Earth Orchard

Marry and Bruce Webber of Sound to Earth Orchard grow Lapin, Lambert, Sweetheart, Rainier Cherries, Pie Cherries, Apples, Peaches and Pears. They do sell their fruit locally and are open during the season, usually July – August, you can pre-order on their website and check out their soap as well! You may also know them

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Fair Meadow Orchard

Formerly know as Duch Orchard, Lynn and Rick operate one of the most known and closest orchards to Polson Montana. Fair Meadow Orchard grows Lamberts, Rainier, Lapin and Van Cherries. They are open all season from Mid-July until the cherries run out, usually by the end of August.  As soon as the fruit is ready

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