Tart Cherry Spray Program

Tart Cherry Spray Program




This is a broad spectrum spray program. This program gives a stage by stage pesticide and fertilizer suggestive plan. It includes rates per acre with the labeled pests controlled. Some scouting and pest identification will be required as some pesticides are exchangeable due to the highest pest population. Please keep in mind that each chemical has a REI (re-entry interval) as well as a PHI (pre-harvest interval). For instructions on how to apply chemicals you may call MTOS and set up an In-Person Spray Training. You may also obtain a private applicators license with the Department of Agriculture. They offer these classes every spring.

All chemicals on the recommendation are in large Agriculture – sized Trade name recommendations. This means you will need to go to your nearest Agronomy Retailer to find these. They are typically in 2.5 gal jugs, that being said, if you have a smaller acreage. Most chemicals are storable for years as long as they are kept dry, and un-frozen. MTOS is a Agronomy Retailer, you may purchase all products on the list, please email us for a quote. You may also refer to the Backyard Fruit Tree Spray Plan.


By purchasing you agree and understand that, you are still responsible to know and follow all laws in accordance to pesticide labels, your county, tribe, and state governments as well as the EPA. MTOS will do it’s absolute best to ensure you know and understand these laws. MTOS requires a purchase agreement signed before the spray recommendation will be emailed to you. We sincerely apologies for the incontinence, however your safety and well-being are of upmost importunacy to us.