Backyard Fruit Tree Spray Plan

Backyard Fruit Tree Spray Plan

This spray plan, is just that a plan for the back yard grower with multiple fruit trees. This list is comprised of all over the counter, small container, easy to apply chemicals and fertilizers. This plan is 100% custom to your fruit varieties on your property with neighboring vegetation considered.

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For the Home Owner with a just a few Trees who feels comfortable purchasing, mixing and spraying their own trees. This plan requires a 1 hour on-sit meeting with our specialist to view, discuss and consider all plants and vegetation in the area as well as possible future plantings.


Disclaimer: this spray plan is only to be utilized and followed AFTER speaking with an Agronomist or Arborist that can properly teach you how to use proper Personal Protection Equipment, measure & mix chemical, properly identify pests and plants, spray accurately, and clean your tank after each use. If you would like a one-on-one training session or to customize the spray plan to fit your specific desires, please sign up for a 1 hour on-on one session, here.

By purchasing this product you agree to gain proper training and understanding of the products lists. By purchasing you are releasing Montana Orchard Services and its employees and owners of all liability and agree to the terms and conditions of use.

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