Blueberry Patch Preparation

Blueberry Patch Preparation


I’ve always wanted Blueberries, and this pas weekend, I decided I might as well pull the trigger and get some. So with a weeks notice, I cut out an area of my lawn, prepared a bed 1 week before my Blueberries were to arrive. Here is a recap of my time-laps.  There are plenty of things to know and questions to ask before committing to Blueberries. The biggest factor is PH, and soil composition. Please contact us today to see just how the upfront labor and planning can benefit you and your garden for years to come!

Until Next time! Thanks for watching! ~Desirae


Update: 8/30/22

I got my soil sample back in mid April I was still testing at a 7.3, which is extremely high for blueberries. I have been using an acidifier with my watering, however I believe I didn’t water them enough and between the high ph and the low water, I think they died. So This fall I’ve added some more Sulfate and will see if they come back to life next spring, but chances are I’ll be buying more blueberries. I am excited to see what the soil tests in the spring.

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