Desirae’s 2021 Raspberries

Desirae’s 2021 Raspberries

I planted my Raspberries in 2019 and I did not give them enough room. But I figured I would just prune them out and utilize the space I have. Last year they did grow very thick and I knew I needed to support them. My support system is obviously not a professional or permanent set up. I just needed something quick, this is how they look this spring. As you may know most raspberries only fruit on 2nd year wood. With my varieties, I will have new shoots that will grow green this year, harden off and then produce next year. I haven’t yet pruned this spring (2022).

These are some picture’s from last year post flower and in the fruiting stage.

It is a little hard to see, but you can see that I sprayed some copper and it was still on the leaves by the blue tint in the photo on the left. If your interested in what I spray and when head over to Log In to the Member Content or go to Purchase a Subscription to gain access to all information that I post.

Here is great example of sun burn on strawberries that happened to me last year. It can happen on almost any fruit.

I usually make freezer jam out of my raspberries, as well as eating fresh.


Stay turned for more updates on Raspberries.

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