Tree Guard 8″

Tree Guard 8″


Protect your trees, vines, canes or grapes from rodents with these interlocking guards, no trunk size is too large to protect.

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These Tree Guards work well in any orchard or vineyard to protect your trunks from rodents and other pests that feed on your truck at ground level. Almost every single vineyard owner state that one of their biggest challenges is rodents. These guards are to be installed at an inch or so under ground so they stay in place and a few inches away from the bark to prevent rodents for reaching the tree/vine/cane. The slots in the material provide good ventilation while protecting the base of your tree.

With the design of these tree guards, you can achieve any diameter to protect your tree. The height of these guards is 8 inches, and length is 13 inches wide, giving you a diameter of 4″. When combining two guards you can achieve a diameter of 8 inches, and so on.