Boreal Blizzard – Haskap

Boreal Blizzard – Haskap


Aurora Haskap – The fruits are large and powdery
blue with an elongated, slightly tapered shape. The
stem scar is dry. Haskap is a high quality fruits and
excellent choice for fresh or IQF frozen, high in
fiber, Vitamin C, Mg, & K. The Berries are longer
than wide with an average berry weight on average
2 grams. The flavor of fruit is regarded as sweet
when ripe. The plants grow upright to 6 feet with a
3 foot width.

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Unlock the extraordinary flavor of the Haskap plant, a hidden gem in the world of berries! With its tantalizing blend of sweet and tangy notes, Haskap offers a unique taste sensation that’s sure to delight your taste buds. These hardy, cold-tolerant plants produce an abundance of delectable berries, bursting with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Whether eaten fresh, added to smoothies, or transformed into jams and desserts, Haskap adds a deliciously exotic twist to your culinary creations. Easy to grow and maintain, Haskap plants thrive in various climates, making them a perfect addition to any garden or orchard. Elevate your harvest and savor the extraordinary flavors of Haskap!

Haskap berries AKA Honey Berries are increasing in popularity in Montana. These berries have origins from Russia and Japan. Canada has taken those plants and created the varieties that we know and grow successfully in the US.  Haskap coming from “Hasukappu”, the name the Japanese people, gave this fruit, means “little presents on the end of branches”.

These berries are used for fresh eating or jams, jellies deserts and even wines. These berries are quite a bit easier to grow compared to blueberries and have been tested to grow in Montana for the last 10 years. In Montana, you can find these berries in the Flathead, the Hamelton are, over by Helena and even Bozeman and Billings.  These berries can ripen from June – July, depending on variety. Make sure to give these plants room to grow, about 4 feet square or more depending on the variety.