What Cherry Variety to Plant

What Cherry Variety to Plant

There are many things to consider when choosing which variety to plant. Today were only going to skim the service and talk about some of the restrictions. Pollination. Not all cherry trees are self-fertile, you need to make sure that you are planting varieties together that will actually produce fruit.

Check out this more precise and in-depth article on pollination and see the guide of Cherry Pollinizer Information on the WSU website. It is one that I reference quite often. If you’ve done any googling or searching for pollinization information or research, Matt Whiting from the Washington State University, seems (to me) is THE GUY as far as research goes and not only politization(obviously). I have watched, listen and read countless articles and research reviews of his research and the WSU team and they really know what he/they are doing to benefit all growers and fruit production alike.


This year, 2022, I will be bringing in bare root Rainier, Sweetheart, and Lapin Cherry trees. Sweetheart and Lapin trees are self-fertile, however Rainiers are not. When I bring in Rainier trees I usually will get 1 pollinator tree for evert 5-10 Rainier trees.  This year I will bring in Bing and Van as pollinators for the Rainier trees.  Bing and Vann’s are known as the universal pollinators. I will also bring in some Skeena’s this year as pollinators, I’ve not grown Skeena’s yet personally but of my friends on the lake some people love them others say they are hard to grow. Follow up article coming soon.

So if your interested in picking up some trees this year head on over to the shopping page and check out what we’ve got!




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