Cherry Fruit Fly Sprays in MT

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Cherry Fruit Fly Sprays in MT

Cherry Fruit Fly Sprays in MT

Well… this is a HUGE topic…. 

The two fly’s that we are mostly concerned with are the Western Cherry Fruit Fly and the Spotted Wing Drosophila. 

There really are 3 big take always that you need to know to be successful in being fly free. (These rules can also be applied to any pest really.)

  1. SCOUT – you need to look for these buggers, as well as know and calculate their expected emerging date (Growing Degree Days). 
  2. KNOW YOUR PEST – you need to know their life cycle and mating habits, to optimize control. 
  3. PLAN & SPRAY – you NEED to spray on time, read your chemical labels to ensure application timing. Most labels recommend re-application every 7-10 days. Also, don’t forget to plan for rainy days, and know your chemicals rain-fast ness or reapplication restrictions. 

Ok, let me rant if you will… 

If you would rather have a dinner party with your friends on the day that you custom applicator plans on spraying.. you MUST understand that you are putting not only your crop but your neighbors crop at stake. Yes, that sounds scary and serious, but it is… You as a grower are already putting so much time and money into your orchard, don’t risk it all for a dinner party or something silly. Please plan around your sprays, it is more curtail than you may understand. BUT as I stated above the sprays are usually between 7-10 days, so you have a 3 day window. However, if their is a rain event in the window, or a restriction of some other sort on your sprayers end.. PLAN with either yourself or your customer applicator, to ensure that your protecting your fruit and still having a good time enjoying your property and sharing it with friends…