Knapping Moose Orchards

Knapping Moose Orchards was founded in 2023 by Desirae & Travis Knapp. It is currently comprised of 2 leased orchards on Flathead Lake, one in Yellow Bay and the other near Dayton.

We like to call them East shore and West Shore, that is until we’re able to expand. Our East shore orchard is comprised of  35ish year old Lambert, Lapin, Rainier, Bing, Skeena Sweet Cherries, a few Tart Cherries, quite a few Apples and hopefully soon some Peaches. The majority of the sweet cherries produced on this orchard, is sent to Monson Fruit Company to be distributed Globally. The other fruit is sold locally and by special order.

The West Shore Orchard, formerly known as the Tussler Orchard located near Dayton, MT is comprised of Lambert, Lapin and Rainier Sweet Cherries. All of the cherries are sold though the fruit stand located at M&S Meats, the Rollins RV Park, and the Rollins Restaurant.  The fruit stand is usually open from the Middle of July to the Middle of June. We offer Orchard Educational Tours on Saturdays a 3PM. But pre-registration is required via text at 406-885-1266. You can also pre-order and purchase fruit via this website, check out the produce section of the shopping section.

We also attend a few local events the local favorite is the Polson Cherry Festival every year with our parent company, Montana Orchard Services.